Dream Catchers 

"It's okay to not know, it's not okay to not try"

What we do!

Dream Catchers recognises that homework is very important, however we also recognise that sometimes at the end of a long day it can become a struggle and a battle within family homes.

Therefore Dream Catchers is an exciting after school club that supports and encourages children with their homework. 

Children will be of all Primary school ages so therefore will be able to help children that are younger than them, or gain support from their older "Dream Catchers. 


The club will also offer other activities, games, challenges and team building exercises. 

Please look at flexi spaces page for more information on what service fits better for you and your child.


Dream Catchers will be available Monday to Friday 3pm to 6pm.

Price is £9.95 per session.

which includes refreshments and snacks

Please contact us for a registration form!


Dream Catchers has been very fortunate to have a lovely working relationship with Court Lane schools.  Our after school club is based in Court Lane Infant School. We have use of the music room, main hall and the beautiful outdoor areas. 

Dream Catchers - Court Lane - can be accessed by Pupils of Court Lane Infant school and Court Lane Junior School. We also accept children from the local preschools, however each child is discussed and looked at on an individual basis - to ensure we can provide for that child. 

Children will be collected from their school by staff members and escorted safely to the Infant School premises. 


 Parents are then asked to collect their children from the Main Hall by 6pm.


Who and where?