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We have a fantastic team, so its only fair that I introduce them 

Name- Leah Cardey

Position - Manager/owner


- Bsc (Hons) Social Work 

- NVQ 2 Early years care and education

- NVQ 3 Early years care and education

- Paediatric first aid

- Safeguarding officer

- Child Protection officer

- Mum to two children (8yr old and 11yr old)

I have worked in childcare for over 15 years. I have been privileged enough to work within a mixture of settings and children giving me a wide range of knowledge and experience. I specialised in Child Protection social work for 5 years before opening up Dream Catchers Childcare. 

I am at Dream Catchers most days, however if you need to contact me direct my number is 07368222965

Name - Kim Benford A.K.A - "Nanny Kim"

Position - Bank staff


- Qualified Nurse

- Degree in Education 

- Safeguarding officer

- Mother to 3 children (29yr old, 31yr old and 33yr old!)

-Nanny to 4 children

Kim is unintentionally known at Dream Catchers as "Nanny Kim!" this is because Kim is my mum and my own children call her Nanny Kim. The other children have picked up on this and now most of the children, parents and staff call her this too. Kim has worked in education, supporting people with special needs for 24 years. Kim was Head of Curriculum in foundation studies at the college for many years before retiring in 2017. Kim has now joined the Dream Catchers team as she loves children and supporting their development. Kim's main role at the after school club is supporting children with their homework and extended learning. 

Kim comes to the rescue and works across all settings as and when we neeeeeeeeeed her!! which the children would argue is all the time! 

Name - Pauline Clements 

Position - Play assistant 




We are incredibly lucky to have Pauline as a part of the Dream Catcher team. Pauline worked in the NHS for 44yrs in the maternity unit as a maternity support assistant. Pauline was passionate about her job and caring for the parents and babies who she crossed in her 44year career. Pauline has brought many of her skills and qualities to Dream Catchers and is extremely caring and considerate of all our children. Pauline is very often found sat on the floor getting stuck in with a game. 

Pauline works on a Tuesday and Thursday at our after school sessions at Solent. 


Name - Lisha 

Position - Play worker 


Au pair for a family of two children

Childcare and early learning diploma level 3

safeguarding course 

Paediatric first aid trained

Lisha is our little South African diamond! I am so  so happy that Lisha  knocked on my door one day asking to be part of the Dream Catchers team! Lisha really has proved herself to be  trustworthy, hardworking, super reliable and super fun to be around!! I couldn't be prouder to have her on the team!! Lisha is also a current LSA at Solent Infant school - so many children will already be very familiar with her. Lisha has been a huge hit with the  children and if she gets their approval then she certainly gets mine! 

Lisha works Monday, Wednesday and Fridays - At our solent brekky club.


Name - Stephenie 

Position - Play-School Manager and supervisor at Court Lane after school club. 


Level 3 in Childcare 

Paediatric first Aid 


food hygiene a

Steph is also currently training to Level 4 in childcare management. 

Stephenine joined the team in September 2019! For the first part of Stephs journey wth Dream Catchers - she worked at Court Lane after school club.  Stephenine is such a strong team member - who's knowledge in childcare shines through on her everyday practice! Stephenie has been a true asset to our team and we have seen first hand how much she is adored by the children and the staff! In January 2020 I pinched her from after school club to manage the Playschool alongside myself. Iv told her that she is never allowed to leave- so Steph is in this for the long run! 

In January 2022 Steph has also taken back her old role as Supervisor at Court Lane after school club! Which I must say the children and parents are over the moon about! 

Stephenie currently works Monday - Friday at our Play House in Court Lane 7.30-3pm and then 3pm-6pm at Court Lane after school club. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-20 at


 Name - Tracy 

 Position - Play House celebrity and Breakfast club supervisor


Tracy has a lot of  experience with children,  being a mum to three lovely girls, a doting auntie and jobs within childcare settings has set Tracy up for being AMAZING!

Paediactric First aid 

Food Hygiene 

Safeguarding trained 

Childcare level 3 trainee 

So there is a bit of a story with Tracy........ In the very first lockdown I needed a spare  pair of hands for one day! Steph asked her mum ........ and she came and helped out!! (yep Tracy is Steph's momma bear!) OH MY GOODNESS when you have a good one you know and you just can't let them go!! So I begged her to stay and she agreed!! yippie!! Tracy is honestly one of the loveliest people I have known and the children literally adore her! Tracy is usually found at the Play House on the floor with children hanging off her, or challenging the older children at breakfast club to a game of football!!! Thank you Tracy for joining the team!! 

 Tracy works Monday to  Friday at our lovely Play House and Monday to Friday at Court Lane Breakfast club!  

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Name - Willow

Position - Play worker 


Willow is currently studying Literature, Law and Drama!

- Safeguarding trained

- Paediactric First Aid Trained.

Willow is a face you may have seen around! Willow is our funky, red haired (but could change to purple, blue or even pink!) fun play worker! Willow has been a Dream Catcher since beginning of March 2021..... but feels as though she has been a part of the team forever! Her confidence to get stuck in and really play and help is valuable! The  children have given Willow the thumbs up........... and I have to agree! 

Willow works Monday to Friday at our Court Lane at our court lane after school club! Willow has also taken on some additional hours at our Play House as her calm gentle approach is very much valued with the younger ones too! 

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-08 at

Name - Hope

Position - Play worker 


Hope is currently training for her level 3 in childcare

- Paediactric First Aid Trained.

Hope is the baby of the team!! Her young,  vibrant energy is a mega hit with not just the  kids but me too! As a manager there is nothing better then a staff member who likes to get stuck in, plays games, dances around and has the confidence to look silly!! Hope doesn't mind the kids covering her in face paints and dancing around to gummy bears! haha! 

Hope works Monday, Wednesday nd Thursdays at our Court Lane after school club! Hope also does some additional hours at Play House. 


Name -Beth 

Position - Supervisor at Solent after school club


Beth is fully qualified with a BTEC National Diploma in Childcare.

Paediatric First Aid Trained.

Wow Wow WOW.... this is the word that springs to mind when I think about Beth! Beth started as a Dream Catcher parent with her youngest previously attending our play school. Over the years Beth has become a good friend and so we bit her arm off when she applied for the job as supervisor for our after school club! Beth has brought back the fun, the excitement and the chaos (good chaos) at Solent after school club! She is a mum of 4 so she is very maternal, nurturing and understanding of all the children needs. Beth has also been doing some extra hours at our play house and her skills are endless! 

Beth works Monday to Friday at our after school club at Solent! Beth also does some additional hours at Play House when required. 


Name -Lauren

Position - Breakfast club play worker 

Lauren is currently studying health and social care, criminology and psychology

Lauren is a lovely and wonderful credit to the Dream Catchers team! What is so lovely is Lauren is Tracy's youngest daughter (So stephs sister!!), which makes for a warm and caring working relationship and environment! Lauren is well loved by all the team and especially by the children! 

Lauren works Monday to Friday at our breakfast club at Court Lane. 


Name -Joyce

Position - Breakfast club play worker Solent 

Joyce is just utterly the NICEST person I have ever met! Joyce is soooooo nurturing and understanding! Joyce is our mother hen and its not just the children that seek her ou for cuddles and advice... the staff do too! 

Joyce is a neighbour, a friend and a mother of 2 children. We love nothing more than having Joyce in the mornings welcoming in our lovely breakfast club children. 

Joyce works Monday to Thursday at our breakfast club at Solent. 


Name -Charlie

Position - play worker 

Charlie is just such a lovely lady! She has two children - (one in seniors and one in infants). this gives Charlie the good foundations of being flexible, accommodating and understanding of each child regardless of age! Charlie works at solent breakfast and after school club where the children LOVE it when she is in! Charlie has been an amazing asset to our team and her dedication, commitment and reliability has not gone un-noticed. 

Charlie works Monday to Friday at our Solent After school club and currently a Tuesday and Thursday at Solent breakfast club. 


Name -Chloe

Position - play worker 

Chloe is our small little bubble of fun! As you can tell from her warm and smiley face she is super dooper approachable and the children literally adore her! Chloe can be found playing amongst the children at all times as she is our Dream Catchers Peter pan! Chloe loves nothing more than getting the barbies out, having a kick around outside or getting elbows deep in the play dough. 

Chloe works Monday to Thursday at our Court ae after school club. 

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