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Breakfast Club

Give your children the perfect start to the school day! Breakfast Club offers a healthy breakfast, important life skills, road safety and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast is a lovely opportunity for children to get together to have a healthy breakfast before school. This is offered to children across Solent Infant and junior school as well as some children from local play-schools. 

The breakfast club will be held at the Drayton Centre along the Havant Road. 

The breakfast club aims to offer;

- The Breakfast Club is run exactly like a café. The children are welcomed in and shown to a table. Children can then order their breakfast through one of our waitresses and then they will need to pay for their breakfast by finding the correct money from the (plastic) money pot. 

- Children will have the opportunity to have a hot breakfast such as pancakes, beans on toast, egg on toast etc. 

- Children have a variety of breakfast choices, which they will then be encouraged to prepare themselves.

- children will be encouraged to eat in a respectable way, with good table manners.

- Children are supported with the cleaning and putting away their breakfast equipment etc.

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