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About Us

We are Dream Catchers childcare. We have multiple settings across Portsmouth- consisting of breakfast and afterschool clubs for solent schools and court lane schools, playschemes in the holidays, nursery in Northend, nursery in drayton  and a nursery based in St Colmans Church.

What makes us AWESOME!!!???

We are run by highly experienced professionals, where most of us are mummy’s ourselves! We know the stresses of daily life and we are here to help!! We love all our children like they are our own and we really do become like one big family!! We know the importance of love, nurturing and child initiated play! We LOVE mud pies, cuddles, paint, playdough and hearing all those belly laughs! We also love the good old traditional style community setting…. Hence the bringing back of the 80’s name “play school”! We love children to explore more than the constraints of one setting- so we take the children to lots of local places such as farms, beach, parks, library’s, stay and play groups, visits to our sister settings, aquarium and lots lots more!! X 

What we offer?? 

We offer pretty much everything! Term time care, all year round care, care over split settings, childcare funding for 2, 3 and 4yr olds and take from newborn right up to school age! The beauty is if they attend with us at playschool - then go to either 2 of the local schools they can slip right into our before and after school clubs with ease, with smooth transitions and with the consistency of the dream catchers ethos! 

Are there any minimum requirements? 

Absolutely not! You can book 1hour all the way up to 40 plus hours a week! Whatever you need we have you covered! We are super flexible and we will work alongside your family to find the best days and times to fit you 🙂 


How to secure a space….

If you are interested at booking a space for now or in the near future for any of our settings then please do send me a message on here and we can try and help with any questions you have! 

Our Settings

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