Play school  Price List 

Below is a list of some of the childcare options available to you. If you are a shift worker and you know your shifts in advance then we can do a discounted price and offer you the standard session charges. 

We also accept all childcare vouchers and government funding. 

If you have any child needs that isn't listed below then please  don't hesitate to contact us to see if we can help! 

Session      2-3 years     3+ years 

9am - 12pm.      £14.50.           £14.00

12pm-3pm.        £14.50.           £14.00 

9am-3pm          £27.00.          £26.00

7.30am-9am       £6.50.            £6.50 

3pm-3.45pm.      £6.00.            £6.00

Flexible hours.   £6.50ph.         £6.00ph

7.30-3.30pm                 £39.00                      £36.00