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 Breakfast Cafe Court Lane! 

Give your children the perfect start to the school day! Breakfast Cafe offers a healthy breakfast, important life skills and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast is a lovely opportunity for children to get together to have a healthy breakfast before school. This is offered to children across Court Lane infant and junior school as well as some children from local play-schools. 

The breakfast café will be held at Court Lae infant school in that main hall. 

The breakfast café aims to offer;

- Children will have the opportunity to have a hot breakfast such as pancakes, beans on toast, egg on toast etc. 

- Children have a variety of breakfast choices, which they will then be encouraged to prepare themselves.

- children will be encouraged to eat in a respectable way, with good table manners.

- Children are supported with the cleaning and putting away their breakfast equipment etc.

Breakfast club opens at 7.30 am and is £5.95 for regular ongoing sessions! Or maybe you only need the sessions every now and then.... in which case you can join our flexible plans! 

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