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Hello my name is Leah Benford. I have been busy behind the scenes establishing Dream Catchers and ensuring that the service we are providing families is the best it can possibly be. 


I have 20 years of childcare knowledge and experience, which has given me the fundamental tools to provide children and parents with what they really require from child care providers.

Dream Catchers is a exciting service which is fully OFSTED registered and run by experienced and qualified staff. Dream Catchers was established and born in 2016!


During the week (term time) we provide two after-school Clubs, two breakfast clubs and a Playschool for our smallest Dream Catchers.


 Then during the holidays we will be offering all children the opportunity to join us in our of our fun filled themed play-scheme weeks!

At Dream Catchers we are passionate about play and how this ultimately shapes the children into the adults they become. Therefore we do ALOT of play play play!


We welcome parents to visit one of our clubs if they want to have a closer look at our brilliant service. 

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